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When it comes to optimizing your designs involving sliding metallic components,
NCC COATING™  is worth a look - give us a call.

As engine engineers continue to develop increasingly aggressive engine designs, seeking to meet and exceed self and externally imposed performance goals, the optimization of surface properties on engine components has taken on a new level of importance.


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New Technology
for surface modification,
offering extended durability
with low frictional properties.

Improved Fuel Economy,
Reduced Noise,
Lower Emissions,
Increased Power,
The list goes on.



NCC COATING™, is a wear resistant, self-lubricating nickel ceramic composite coating.  It represents an alternative to traditional surface modification technologies which have historically required end users to choose between options offering either extended durability or low frictional properties.

Although developed as a cylinder bore coating for 2-stroke engines in Japan, NCC COATING™ has gained acceptance as a piston coating which enables performance targets to be met through modifications in piston cylinder bore designs while enabling use of high silicon containing, aluminum cylinder bore materials.

Additionally, NCC COATING™'s desirable set of properties, which include wear, scuff and corrosion resistance coupled with self-lubricity make it uniquely qualified to function successfully in a variety of non-engine sliding applications, as well.




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